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 The Giants Waiting/Ramona's Tale

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The Giants Waiting/Ramona's Tale Empty
PostSubject: The Giants Waiting/Ramona's Tale   The Giants Waiting/Ramona's Tale EmptySun Jun 28, 2015 8:39 am

Two blogs.


It's all connected. All set in the same Universe.
TheGiantsWaiting is a blog revolving around a Researcher who lost a friend and patient a number of years ago to the Slender Man. He is attempting to study it, despite the fact It stalks him.

Ramonatheloyalist is a blog centered around a young adult named Ramona, who lost her parents in a fire. During the fire, she had a "psychotic" episode (read: she saw the Slender Man.) and has been receiving treatment from one of the Researcher's colleagues for two years. As her blog begins, four bullies from her sixth form disappear, with a newspaper article shown.

The depiction of our Well-Dressed friend in these accounts is far more human than most.
Any feedback is most appreciated. Oh, and did I mention? He wears a hat.

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The Giants Waiting/Ramona's Tale
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