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 My Magnum Opus: The Archive

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My Magnum Opus: The Archive Empty
PostSubject: My Magnum Opus: The Archive   My Magnum Opus: The Archive EmptySat Jun 30, 2018 7:40 pm

I've spent a while making this.

This is a compilation of 16 different Slender Man series, whether they be vlogs or blogs. I have included timelines (where applicable) and have saved everything I could get my hands on. These are the most important 16 series in my opinion:

Marble Hornets
Seeking Truth (and The Mystic)
TJAProjects and 5zer02
CaughtNotSleeping (I left out all that stupid Butterfly bullcrap, largely unnecessary)
MyDarkJournal (this is technically a compilation inside a compilation, as it includes series MDJ crossed over with, CompileTRUTH, Osiris Chronicles, etc.)
Dreams in Darkness
The Angel's Game (and its sequel APCollection)
Observe and Terminate
The Tutorial
Just Another Fool
Make it Count
Something Awful (the blog, not the original SA thread)

Also included are some great Slender Parodies, and the original post by Victor Surge (Eric Knudsen) with a small description of how this whole thing started.

All these series should be up-to-date as of June 30th, 2018.

I hope you enjoy, I uploaded it in a torrent (which I will seed indefinitely):

mediafire.com file/5ea1g4ocqm3wtm1/The+Slenderverse.torrent

P.S. for Twitter images, the newer system shows the images on the actual feed, and the old twitpic system ordered the by number based on when they were uploaded, so sorting the images by name will give you the correct order the old images came in.
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My Magnum Opus: The Archive
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