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 A thought about a future novel

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A thought about a future novel Empty
PostSubject: A thought about a future novel   A thought about a future novel EmptyFri May 10, 2013 5:32 pm

So I've been throwing myself in and out of different projects lately. Playing bass in a band, writing slenderfiction, writing creepypastas and pretending to be a journalist. I must have a dozen short horror-like stories on my computer.

But for some weeks now I've been thinking about writing a novel with elements from the X-Files, the SCP-Foundation, creepypastas and other urban legends. In other words a supernatural/paranormal/sci-fi/conspiracy theory novel (sounds a lot like the X-Files, huh?). Or something like that.

Why I am writing this here is because I'm wondering if anyone knows of any works like this and what they would like to see in the novels characters and such.

I'm imagining the main character to be a normal, unemployed dude in his early 20's who hangs out with friends and everything like that, but one day walks down the wrong alley on his way home or something and gets pulled in to all this.
What do you all think? Good idea, or just too much?
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Eli Victus

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A thought about a future novel Empty
PostSubject: Re: A thought about a future novel   A thought about a future novel EmptySat May 11, 2013 3:49 am

I think it Has a lot of potential. Just be careful with it, because stuff like this Has been done before many times. Be sure to throw a couple of your own new, funky ideas in there.
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A thought about a future novel
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