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 Survival of the Bands

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Survival of the Bands Empty
PostSubject: Survival of the Bands   Survival of the Bands EmptyWed Nov 06, 2013 10:07 pm

Survival of the Bands
In late 2013, four rock bands get together to play what would seem to be a very basic show. Play some music, meet some people, drink some, and maybe score with some groupies. But when before the show, more and more members of the stage crew, community, and even a member of the band starts disappearing, the groups decide that something's up.
Basically it starts after the first disappearance, and each player will be a member of one of the four bands
Four members of each band! Only four. You will decide what instrument you play, unless that instrument is taken.
The instruments will determine what equipment and skills you have. 
1. You can swear, but please don't go Noah Maxwell on us.
2. Please no sex. This is a forum for members 13+. REMEMBER THAT
3. No God-Modding bullshit.
4. People have things to do, so replies can be as late as two weeks. THAT IS THE MAXIMUM.
5. If you have read the rules, please put "Pchooooo" somewhere in your bio (Which can be found on the character sheet subforum)
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Survival of the Bands
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