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 Survival of the Bands Character Sheet

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Survival of the Bands Character Sheet Empty
PostSubject: Survival of the Bands Character Sheet   Survival of the Bands Character Sheet EmptyWed Nov 06, 2013 10:20 pm




Band: (Choose from "Deathwish", a metal band, "Broken Fretboard" a punk-pop band, "Christania Rising", an Electronic group, or "Slap n' Pop", a Hip-Hop group)

Instrument: Vocalists are the leaders, and are very level headed and strong. They are usually equipped with a small handgun of somekind, or a small bladed object.
Bassists are the tough guys, able to withstand blows that could kill a normal person. They usually are the medics though, with a one-use first aid kit of some kind.
Percussionists are fast, agile, and light. They can outrun anyone or anything chasing after them. They usually will have some sort of burning tool, a lighter or matches.
Melodists (piano/guitarists) are the most intelligent and can outwit anyone or anything. They will never be found without their computer or a PDA. 

Equipment: You can carry up to four pieces of equipment along with your given equipment. 


Name: Cecil Barnes

Age: 19

Gender: Genderfluid, but I stick usually to male

Band: Deathwish

Instrument: Vocals.

Equipment: One switchblade (Vocals)
                  Two protein bars
                   Two Bottles of Water
                    Cigarettes (16)
                    Small bottle of alcohol. 

Bio: Cecil Barnes is the lead singer for the popular Canadian metal band "Deathwish". Cecil lost his mother due to a tragic drunk driving accident, and so he lived with his rich father. His father was a decent parent, never abusing him, but not being to lenient, and so Cecil didn't grow up poorly. When Cecil was seventeen he joined a metal band in high school, and "Deathwish" was born.

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Survival of the Bands Character Sheet Empty
PostSubject: Re: Survival of the Bands Character Sheet   Survival of the Bands Character Sheet EmptyFri Dec 27, 2013 4:16 pm

Name: Robert 'Robb' Barlow

Age: 19

Gender Male

Band: Deathwish

Instrument: Guitar

Equipment: Smartphone (Guitarist)
Pack of LSD (12 pills)
Cigarettes (16)
Small bottle of Vodka

Robb grew up in a violent neighborhood. His father was killed by a drunked gangmember when he was 10. His mother was a prostitute and often was all over the city motels. At 12 he became a smoker, at 13 he started taking LSD, and at 15 he started drinking. Growing up in the streets, he's more likely to run than to fight. Nonetheless, he carries a hunting knife with him, both for cutting things and self defense. When he was 17, he joined Deathwish, along with his classmate Cecil.
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Survival of the Bands Character Sheet
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