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 Character sheet.

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Character sheet. Empty
PostSubject: Character sheet.   Character sheet. EmptyMon Jan 06, 2014 8:49 pm

Name: Ryan Florrel

Appearance:Ryan is a 17 year old male. He has long dark brown hair that usually looks like he might have spiked it up. His eyes are a chilling blue with a gaze that doesn't see through you, but into you. He's 6'4", but hunches over, taking him down to 5'6", 128 ibs with a medium skin coloring. 

Description: Ryan is a semi-average guy with the exception of his ADHD and dyslexia. He tends to keep to himself but can be quite social. He also has a violent streak, known to have gotten into fights that the other kid had no chance of winning. The closest he's come to killing anyone is when he shoved a kid off of the roof of his school. Unfortunately, some random girl was walking by and broke most of the fall. Both kids had severe injuries. He sees people as disgusting, animal like, but pretends to be like anyone else.

Relations/Ties: He lives with his mother and her husband, over the summer switches places with his sister who lives with their dad and his wife, and has several friends in town. He doesn't really have a crush on anyone.

Issues:/(Optional) ADHD, dyslexia, and anger.

Symbol/Symbolism: His self chosen symbol is alpha, for he feels like he is above everyone else.

Idealism: He hates people and tries to find ways to get others to see his ways, but with much discretion. Usually the person doesn't even realize it.

Way of thinking: (when I say this I mean like how fast/slow, large, small, etc) He thinks fast but only sees the larger picture, leaving himself vulnerable at times. COFFEE.

"When you make a new person make them like how they would make you" - Anon.
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Character sheet.
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