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 Happenings of the last 2 months

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Happenings of the last 2 months Empty
PostSubject: Happenings of the last 2 months   Happenings of the last 2 months EmptySat Nov 16, 2013 6:08 pm


  1. Roivas 9/2/13 [chat visit]: RoivasSevil gives name meanings to new butterflies, talks to NattiKarlo/Allyni about her sacrifice, clears the air with those who distrust her, speaks further to Red/Urbanus about dealing with the Showtime Killer, and discusses her old home.
  2. Lilly 9/18/13 [chat visit]: RoivasSevil’s apparent alternate speaks to the chat about Roivas.
  3. Dox and Natti 10/31 [chat visit]: Paradox/Loxura tells the chat that during the night, while he was having one of his usual nightmares, he felt a soft hand pressing down on his chest, and what sounded like many overlapping whispers of the same voice, and it calmed him back into a restful sleep. NattiKarlo/Allyni said the same thing happened to her, and she felt less scattered the next day.

  1. Nov 15, 2013 - New Natti Dream [chat visit]: NattiKarlo/Allyni has another unusual dream involving the calming hand. This one also involving a memory of hers. Paradox/Loxura does not share the experience. 
  2. November 15th, 2013: Chewie/Laparus announces he has gotten the final information he needed to go after the Mars Brothers, and that he is leaving. He says final goodbyes in the event he does not return, and asks Xilaya/Heliconioides to give his butterfly-related belongings back to Roivas if necessary. No one is able to contact him afterwards.
  3. 11/15/13 Jerred/Jarred Mars [chat visit]: The younger Mars brother taunts the chat members, and thanks them for the death of Weaver Co.
  4. 11/16/13 Natti Dream [chat visit]: NattiKarlo/Allyni has another of the strange memory dreams.
  5. 11/16/13 [chat visit]: Jerred Mars returns, and says he needs help, and will be back the next day.
  6. 11/17/13 Natti Dream [chat visit]: NattiKarlo/Allyni has a strange experience attempting to force a memory as a hallucination.
  7. 11/17/13 Jerred Mars [chat visit]: The Mars brothers murder a young woman on an open microphone, while the chat is forced to listen.
  8. A preview [ricx739 - November 17th, 2013]: A recording of the murder is uploaded to Sage/Hyparete’s youtube channel without his knowledge. [TW: unintentional implications of sexual assault right at the end. No actual sexual assault is present or ever will be in CNS].
  9. 11/18/13 Warren [chat visit]: Warren announces he has resettled his life, and is working on getting back to Weaver business. He asks the chat for help, in order to in turn help Chewie/Laparus in his mission.
  10. Several chat members apply to be anchors for the Weaver’s Eye.
[Source: CNS Timelines]
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Happenings of the last 2 months
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