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 happenings between Nov 18th - Nov. 30th

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PostSubject: happenings between Nov 18th - Nov. 30th   happenings between Nov 18th - Nov. 30th EmptySun Dec 01, 2013 1:56 am

  1. Several chat members apply to be anchors for the Weaver’s Eye, among them Moogle/Samuelis, Mr. Tanuki/Erasimus, and Snorlax/Phlogea.
  2. 11/27/13 Weaver’s Eye [chat visit]: Chewie/Laparus’s voice is heard broadcasting into the chat, though he seems unaware, and the connection shakey. (second half of the audio available here)
  3. 11/27/13: Moogle/Samuelis begins experiencing severe headaches.
  4. 11/27/13 Paradox [chat visit]: Paradox/Loxura has several unusual and disturbing visions, followed by brief encounters with various beings.
  5. 11/27/13 Warren [chat visit]: Warren announces the machine, though unfinished, turned on by itself. He also assures the chat that he spoke with Chewie/Laparus.
  6. 11/27/13 - 11/28/13: Mr. Tanuki/Erasimus and Snorlax/Phlogea also develop sever headaches.
  7. [selenesweetie tumblr - November 28th, 2013]: Maya/Selene and Snorlax/Phlogea photograph some potential sites for Warren.
  8. Hearing Things 11/29/13 [samuelis tumblr]: Moogle/Samuelis begins hearing voices.
  9. 0_0 [snorlax tumblr-11/29/13]: Snorlax/Phlogea says he got a call from Warren asking for coordinates for the empty buildings he and Maya/Selene found.
  10. 11/29/13 - Sage & Laparus [chat visit]: NattiKarlo/Allyni recieves a text from Sage/Hyparete’s friend, saying he was being rushed to the hospital for numerous injuries, and saying it was connected to Chewie/Laparus. Later, the friend comes in to give further details.
  11. 11/30/13: “weavers_eye_active” enters chat and drops a link to a new youtube channel.
  12. Debt [Weavers Eye - November 30th, 2013]: A video is uploaded to the Weaver’s Eye channel, showing Chewie/Laparus’s encounter with the Mars Brothers.
Source: CNS Timelines
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PostSubject: Re: happenings between Nov 18th - Nov. 30th   happenings between Nov 18th - Nov. 30th EmptySun Dec 01, 2013 2:02 am

Oh No!
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happenings between Nov 18th - Nov. 30th
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