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Hello there, and welcome to Slender Nation. Before you begin posting, we require that you read our rules so that you understand what standards are required of you during your stay here. Thank you, and have a good day.

-The Slender Nation Staff
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 Just a start of some stories.

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Just a start of some stories. Empty
PostSubject: Just a start of some stories.   Just a start of some stories. EmptyThu Jan 09, 2014 10:49 pm

Derek walked down the street, looking towards the pale winter sky. At least he assumed it was pale. The only clue he had was that there was snow on the ground.  He had been born color blind.
     Derek felt his striped scarf trail against the wind behind him, being 12 feet long and too long to wrap around his neck enough times. His friends told him the colors were beautiful, but too him it was just black and white. His friends where so lucky.
     Just then Derek looked forward in time to see a very tall man walk into him. At least he thought it was a man. The person was wearing an odd mask, one of those blank masks with a straight line mouth and two large completely black eyes, probably some kind of netting, and a hood over their hair. The person was thin, and was much taller than Derek. If it was a girl she was very flat chested, Derek thought.
     "Hey, watch it!" Derek yelped, being pushed to the side. The person didn't stop, and since Derek was having a bad day, he decided he wasn't having any of this.
     "I said watch it!" Derek yelled, catching the persons attention. They turned, and Derek almost took a step back when the person leaned into Derek's face.
     "You know, being nicer would be something that you should consider." The persons voice was monotone, in between loud and quiet, high and low, seemingly neither male or female. When Derek said nothing, the person leaned back. "Am I right?"
     "Uh, s-sure," Derek stammered, not sure what to say. This person was odd. The person nodded and turned, but then Derek suddenly felt angry again.
     "Uh, hey! Who do you think you are, talking to me like that?!" Derek yelled, this time ready for the person to get in his face. But the person only turned this time.
     "I'm the person who likes the scarf," They said. Derek gulped. Their tone had changed. It was still monotone, but definitely low this time. Derek thought out his words carefully.
     "Why? If it's the colors everyone but I say that. It's just black and white." Derek watched the person carefully.
     "It's grey and green for me. I can only see the color green and everything else is black and white. But I'm fine with that. It helps, really." The person leaned forward, their hands slipping out of their pockets. "I think I like it too much."
     "Well you can't have it," Derek said, and when the person didn't lean back, Derek got angrier. "You can't have it you freak and if you don't leave right now I'll-"
     Derek was cut off when the persons right arm flashed up to his neck and shot back with the scarf. Nathan yelped in surprise and fell back. "hey what the hell?!"
     The person began to wrap it around their neck and when they finished it was still trailing down to their waist. "Thank you. Next time please don't shout. Actually their probably won't be a next time. Toodles!" The person began to walk away.  Derek stood up and grabbed a piece of loose concrete from off the ground. "If you don't give it back I'm going to kill you."
     The person turned around again and just stared. Derek had to admit the scarf looked good on them. The person reached up to the mask, and when the hand came away there was a smile instead of a line. "I like you kid. You're not going to let someone bullshit you. But unfortunately I'm the kind of person who doesn't care."  As Derek took a step forward, the person took a step to the side and into an alleyway. Derek ran forward, about to enter the alley when something struck his chest and sent him to his knees. There was a burning sensation, and Derek looked up to see that blank mask again, without the smile.
    "Toodles." Derek fell back with something sticking out of his chest. He was too weak to move and lay there, hoping this wasn't the end that there would be something, someone to save him.
     There wasn't.
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Just a start of some stories.
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