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 Creepypasta Academy: New RP idea

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Creepypasta Academy: New RP idea Empty
PostSubject: Creepypasta Academy: New RP idea   Creepypasta Academy: New RP idea EmptyWed Jul 09, 2014 4:29 pm

Humanity has always lived in fear of the dark and all the things it held within it. The sun would rise and they would feel safety, but when it fell they fled to any sort of safety where they could huddle and wait out the night. Insanity and death were the only factors that came into play in this time. But one day a human, driven by their fear, created a way to harness fire and push back the dark, allowing humans to find a foothold in it. Fear is the mother of all invention, this is the most pure and simple fact in this world. But as humans grow they leave behind their simple fears, and thus need new ones. This is where the Academy comes into play. Humanity need monsters to drive them forward, and so the Creepypasta Academy for the Creation of Nightmares was founded by two of the original monsters, Zalgo: King of Darkness, and Slender Man: Master of Insanity. 

For a time they worked in unison to create monsters based on the things humans would fear, creating shells and using the spark of imagination too give them life, always making sure that the fear would be balanced with innovation. But one day Zalgo decided he no longer wanted to live a life such as that, and wanted to experience the old days where darkness was law. A brutal battle began between Zalgo and the Academy, one that ended with the King of Darkness cast away between the folds of reality, trapped so he could never walk the Earth again.

And yet his taint still spreads into the world, his servants and armies of False Monsters lie in wait to do their masters bidding. So the Academy continues to train its students to both haunt and protect humanity, less the void consumes everything.

Welcome to Creepypasta Academy, a game about playing Antiheroes in the purest sense of the word. You will be playing newly created monsters each with their own unique backstories and abilities. Each character will have two forms, a human like form for walking around school and blending in with humans, and their monster form for terror and fighting. Students are equally trained in learning how to best drive their targets insane in the best ways possible, and how to battle against Zalgo's forces. 

They will be taught this by the best monsters from Creepypasta's from a number of stories, learning how to create fear from the worst and most horrifying. Of course it isn't all in the classroom, and students will be sent on 'field trips' to test their abilities and battle back Zalgo's forces. So mission based.

Character Sheet
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Creepypasta Academy: New RP idea
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